2011 Honda CB1000R

2011 Honda CB1000R is powered by a CBR1000RR-based liquid-cooled inline-4 that displaces 998cc. Tuning is focused on acceleration via strong low-rpm torque.
An IACV (intake air control valve) keeps excessive torque reaction and jerky low-speed performance to a minimum, ensuring smooth, enjoyable operation, and the hydraulic clutch offers light-action.
The 2011 Honda CB1000R gets a Mono-Backbone gravity die-cast (GDC) aluminum frame that incorporates the engine as a stressed member in a rigid diamond configuration. Strong, rigid, and lightweight, Honda says the design "adds to the motorcycle's sharp, smooth handling and instant response to changes of direction."
Superbike-class wheels, tires and brakes further enhance the bike's agile control and easy handling. The standard version combines a pair of radial-mount four-piston front calipers with a compact dual-piston caliper slowing a 256mm disc at the rear for smooth, responsive braking control. The CB1000R is also available with the Honda Combined-ABS option that couples the balanced braking control of a Combined Brake System with ABS.