First Impression


First of all, i have to say that i really love riding my motorcycle, no rain or sun beam can stop me in the street except traffic jam. At the moment i'm not riding a big one just a 200cc japan motorcycle, but i used to have experience having old classic BMW R26 build in 1956 (offcourse i'm not born yet) when i was in a high school (in beginning of 90's), it's just awesome, thinking my old BMW have been passing through some generation before landed in my hand. Must be lots of interesting stories when, where and who was riding it.

It was also the first time i feel the excitement riding a big motorcycles, until one day in the street some HD motorcycles passing me remains a roar sounds from the distance. Although my BMW is good but the power isn't enough it only has 250cc, then that day i have made my decision, one day i must own motorcycle with more big power in my hand (at least 750cc).

Riding a motorcycle can be full of enjoyable moment if we can put our trust, pride, and hope to it along the road until we get to our destination safely.
This blog will remind me that, i'm not a techie guy, mostly i just look the design i like. I'm also not fanatic to one company product because i think every motorcycles have their own uniqueness.